Art in Action: Art/Community/Activism & Funding

17 July 2014
Public Presentation


Date and Time: 17 July 2014 (Thursday), 9:00pm
Venue: Gasthaus zum Bären (Museum Bärengasse), Bärengasse 20-22, Zurich

The globalization of art problematizes existing notions of art and rapidly widens the scope of artistic activities. Where this paradigmatic shift will lead is open and the subject of much discussion. Until recently, a key aspect of art was its claim to exclusivity – especially within Euro/American contexts. Against this background, it is striking that nowadays art groups, networks, and movements worldwide are increasingly fostering inclusive involvement and direct relationships with their surroundings.

ART IN ACTION wants to draw attention to this development. Who uses which artistic strategies where, why, and for what purposes? The invited speakers, Lee Chun Fung, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Nistiman Erdede, and Linda Jensen will present their current projects.


Lee Chun Fung is an artist, activist, and core-member of the community art space Wooferten in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. Photo: Cycling to the Square by Wooferten & Kai Fong. Ongoing since 2010.


Jeanne van Heeswijk is an artist based in the Netherlands. She focuses on interactions and social involvements in public space. Photo: Public Faculty No. 8. 2014.


Nistiman Erdede is an artist based in Zurich. He focuses on capitalistic inequalitites and migration.


Linda Jensen co-curated I Think It Rains, Hong Kong, 2013. Photo by Alain Kantarjian. Florian German: Wendigo River / The Crystal Source / Kowloon.



Discussion round (closed)

ART IN ACTION, Museum Bärengasse, network 080:30, initiated by Suresh Kumar

ART IN ACTION, Museum Bärengasse, network 080:30, initiated by Suresh Kumar

Date and Time: 17 July 2014 (Thursday), 5:00pm
Venue: Gasthaus zum Bären (Museum Bärengasse), Bärengasse 20-22, Zurich


Annemarie Bucher, Marc Dusseiller, Nistiman Erdede, Gabriel Flückiger, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Dominique Lämmli, Milenko Lazic, Lee Chun Fung, Linda Jensen, Patrick Müller, Paula Pin, Jörg Scheller, Christoph Schenker.


The discussion round focuses on displaying and exchanging views and experiences. We are looking for pointed statements that reflect our stance towards funding in the context of art/community/activism projects.


  • Managing Funding Interests. Christoph Schenker, Head of Institute for Contemporary Art Research (ifcar), Zurich University of the Art
  • Grassroot Funding. Milenko Lazic, artist and founder Fondation Ambar
  • HackteriaLabs. Marc Dusseiller, transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer in micro- and nanotechnology, cultural facilitator and artist, co-founder Hackteria
  • Transnoise. Paula Pin, artist, member of the transhackfeminist art collective Transnoise
  • Form Follows Funding? Jörg Scheller, art historian, co-Head of Photography, Dep. Media & Art, Zurich University of the Arts


  • Annemarie Bucher, art and landscape theorist, co-founder FOA-FLUX, lecturer Dep. Media & Art, Zurich University of the Arts.
  • Nistiman Erdede (see info presentations)
  • Jeanne van Heeswijk (see info presentations)
  • Lee Chun Fung (see info presentations)
  • Linda Jensen (see info presentations)
  • Patrick Müller, Head MA Transdisciplinary Studies and Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich

The discussion round will be moderated by
Dominique Lämmli, artist, philosopher, co-founder FOA-FLUX and lecturer MA Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts.


A report on the questions asked, and opinions, experiences, and advice given during the discussion round will be published here and on The report will be written by Gabriel Flückiger who is an artist and curator.


ART IN ACTION is part of the FOA-FLUX research on art in global contexts and of Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich, Zurich University of the Arts.