Alvin Lucier & The Ever Present Orchestra

Last Event at Connecting Space Hong Kong

Date: 27 March
Time: 8pm

We are honoured to have Alvin Lucier, one of the most important representatives of American music of the second half of the twentieth century, and the Ever Present Orchestra, offering a world premier and the last concert at Connecting Space Hong Kong on 27 March at 8pm. The Ever Present Orchestra brings Lucier’s beating-pattern-focused instrumental music to the Hong Kong audience with its uncommon instrumentation of four electric guitars, three saxophones, four violins and piano. Along with classical musicians, the presence of prominent Lucier interpreters such as Oren Ambarchi, allows for the ensemble to appeal to a wider audience than the conventional contemporary music scene.

Bernhard Rietbrock – E-Guitar
Oren Ambarchi – E-Guitar
Gary Schmalzl – E-Guitar
Jan Thoben – E-Guitar
Felix Profos – Piano
Trevor Saint – Glockenspiel
Rebecca Thies – Violin
Christina Moser – Violin
Cécile Vonderwahl – Violin
Azat Fishyan – Violin
Valentine Michaud – Saxophone
Joan Jordi Oliver Arcos – Saxophone
Charles Ng – Saxophone

Ricochet Lady – Trevor Saint (Asia Premiere)
Tilted Arc – Ever Present Orchestra (World Premiere)
Two Circles – Ever Present Orchestra (Asia Premiere)
Semicircle – Ever Present Orchestra (Asia Premiere)
Bird and Person Dyning – Alvin Lucier